To our Rainbow Lakes Members:

 As we turn the corner from winter to boating season, we wanted to inform you of some new and improved engagement and process changes you will see with our security team and adherence to the by-laws.


  • Our security team will be wearing Rainbow Lakes Security Shirts issued by Rainbow Lakes Maintenance Corporation (RLMC), so whether at the launch or other areas of Rainbow Lakes, expect to see the security team in the new shirts.
  • New security cameras will be in place at the guard shack and launch area as part of safety and security for the lake and the team working the boat ramp.
  • There will be rotating schedules for personnel working the boat ramp and perimeter security.


  • Any guest using the lake or facilities of the lake may do so only when accompanied by a member in good standing – per RLMC by-laws, Article XI, Section 3. Therefore, if a member in good standing brings a guest who wants to use the lakes with their watercraft, they are required to be accompanied by that member. Meaning there is a responsibility by RLMC member to accompany their guests on the lakes, as opposed to past practices of members signing guests onto the lakes and leaving the guests go on the lake by themselves.
    • This includes the use of the beach and park facilities, and our perimeter security team will be checking for members and their guests at the beaches. Our team will not engage in any confrontations and have been instructed to call Gratiot County Sheriff
  • By-laws also tell us any guest must adhere to the bylaws and regulations, and thus members are responsible for their guests. Please ensure all guests on the lake, beaches or parks follow the by-laws and are courteous to others on the lake and land.

We are asking for your support in keeping our lake safe and secure. Please be kind and respectful to the security staff as they are just doing the job RLMC has asked them to do. If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact the RLMC office manager – Janice Butler via email or office phone.

Sincerely and respectfully,
RLMC Board