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Rainbow Lakes is a community consisting of 1,200 acres of natural homestead surrounding two lakes in southern Gratiot County, Michigan.  Big Rainbow is a man-made reservoir lake covering 304 surface acres and twisting 4.5 miles.  It is a private, all-sport lake with depths reaching up to 35 feet.

Little Rainbow is a smaller branch-off lake that is for non-motorized watercraft only.  Both lakes are part of the Upper Maple Watershed. Water flowing from Big Rainbow via Pine Creek and then the Maple River provide a major source for the Grand River.

Rainbow Lakes Maintenance Corporation (RLMC) is the governing body that oversees the lake and its community of approximately 750 property owners, 80% of those being full-time residents.

RLMC is a private, non-profit corporation that acts as the governing body for the lake and its community. It consists of a nine-member Board of Directors who interpret and enforce the member-approved by-laws. The Board operates within a predictable budget based upon a mandatory, annual fee charged all property owners.

RLMC board meetings are held at the lake office (4353 Rainbow Lake Rd.) on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. Any property owner is welcome to attend. Member opinions and participation are important to the community’s success. The meeting agenda always leaves time to listen to suggestions or concerns.

As a part of Gratiot County, Fulton Township, MI we are also subject to their laws and ordinances. The link below will take you to the Gratiot County Department of Ordinances page where you can view all the applicable ordinances. In particular, we are often asked about the ORV Ordinance.

Board of Directors

Beth Gruden


Duane Trefil

Vice President

Greg Brooks


Lisa Minns


Gil Barish


Bob Batis


Rich Kingsley


John (Cory) Maclennan



Much of the success of the Rainbow Lakes community lies with those individuals who volunteer their time and talents. 
Many hands make light work and that couldn’t be truer for our annual Spring and Fall lake work days. Spring time involves common area clean-ups as well as bringing out summer supplies. Likewise, the fall has a clean-up as well (leaves) plus the pack-up of those same supplies.
Even if you cannot physically help, workers enjoy drinks, snacks and cookies provided by other volunteers.
Watch the newsletter and website front page banner for exact dates and times. 
Additionally, many lake members head up more permanent areas of responsibility with volunteer positions like those listed below.


Alice Pearce

Garage Sales

Deb Vusich


Mary Morris


Duane Trefil


Fish & Aquatic Control

Rich Blemaster


Duane Trefil

Paul George

Mike Braun

Boat Storage

Paul George

Ron Jacobs

Dave Redman

Clare Ruff

Wayne Ritz

Bill Mitchell


Jerry Hunt

Fred Barnes

Rich Blemaster

John Panik

Doug Schafer

Bill Snyder

Chris Snyder

Michael Werbish

Duane Trefil

Wayne Ritz

Cory MacLennan

By Laws & Policies

Bob Myers

Beth Gruden

Troy Moulton

Cory MacLennan

Bill Mitchell

Interested in volunteering for the Rainbow Lakes community?

Board Meeting Minutes

Click on the document icon to view and download the minutes for that month. If you would like meeting minutes for a meeting older than 3 months, please contact us.


The newsletter is now available in pdf form. Click on the document icon to view and download the newsletter for that month. We will keep the newsletters on this page for the past 3 issues so if you need a newsletter older than that please contact us.

Boat Storage

Rainbow Lake offers lake residents the opportunity for both inside and outside boat storage.  Outside boat storage in our fenced and locked yard is FREE OF CHARGE.

We encourage other large recreational items like campers, RVs, and trailers to be parked here as well not on your homestead for extended periods of time.

Inside storage is also available for a fee and on a first come – first served basis. See the chart below for prices. All fees are due at time of storage. Checks should be made to RLMC. Only property members in good standing will be allowed to store items. RLMC is not responsible for lost or damaged property, please obtain your own insurance.

Boat Size

Current Rates

Single Jet Ski $60
Under 12′ $75
12′ to 14′ or double jet ski $85
15′ to 17′ $105
18′ to 20′ $125
21′ to 23′ $145
24′ to 26′ $165
27′ and over $185

Indoor storage removal

Indoor storage removal is scheduled for 2 dates – the 1st Saturday in May and 16th of May.

When bringing your boat in for storage you will be asked to complete an information slip and choose one of these dates for your removal.  Click the button for the information slip pdf.

(Let us know if either of the dates will not work.)

The association has 2 pontoon trailers available for use FREE OF CHARGE. Please use the lights and keep your travel to a radius of 25 miles.

All items stored inside or outside must be tagged with your name, phone number, and the date of storage along with item description. All stored items must have current registration or plate. Tags and slips are available at the main gate entrance or in the office.

For more information regarding boat storage, contact:

Paul George


Dave Redman


Wayne Ritz


Clare Ruff


Ron Jacobs


Bill Mitchell


Rainbow Lake Beaches

Rainbow Lake has many lakeside parks and beaches scattered around the lake for property owner use and enjoyment.  The main beach being the largest offers bathrooms that are open in season, a sand volleyball court, and extra boat docking piers in addition to the lake’s only boat launch.

Beaches offer a great place for small children to safely enjoy the water as they have marked and bouyed swim areas. Picnic tables are available for eating and gathering.  Outside visitors are welcome to these areas as long as they are accompanied by a RLMC property owner. If you do make use of these areas, please be courteous and clean up before you leave.  

Water Health & Animal Life

As lake residents we are all concerned about our water’s health and the health of the animal life living in and off of its waters. As a man-made reservoir and lake community, RLMC monitors the lake waters on an annual basis.

Public Sector Consultants have completed a document on E. coli contamination that is available for you through the link below. Central to this effort was convening a work group to explore the issue and make recommendations for reduction. Rainbow Lakes thanks John Pohl for representing our community as a member of this work group. We are proud to say that our lakes continue test at acceptable levels of this bacteria contaminate. You can access the full report here.


In recent years Rich Blemaster has spent considerable time criss-crossing the big lake.  Not fishing, he was mapping the lake bottom and its features using sophisticated sonar mapping equipment. The fruits of his efforts are now available in the form of lake bottom depth contour maps like the ones below. The full map can be added to certain fish finders made by LOWRANCE fishing electronics. (visit www.genesismaps.com to see if this is available to you.)

Office hours are currently limited due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We try to be available in the office on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Please call before you come out to make sure that someone is here to assist you.

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