The Rainbow Lakes Fish Committee, led by Rich Blemaster, recommended to the RLMC board (with DNR Biologist approval) at the October 2022 meeting, to stock Walleye in the lake as part of a larger plan to start controlling the Gizzard Shad population in big Rainbow Lake (there has been a significant population growth and explosion in the last few years).
The board promptly approved the request and all the upfront work done between the DNR and Rich allowed this stocking to happen in a very short period of time (maybe record time in fact). The board and the fish committee will be further partnering with Michigan DNR to establish a process and plan to better capture data that will assist in providing the DNR and our team comparable data (compare to other lakes in our surrounding area). Establishing this process and executing the plan will truly help us understand the fish populations in the lake and allow the DNR and our team to make the right stocking decisions moving forward.
More to come, but this is a great first step and the board would like to thank Rich Blemaster, the fish committee, along with Addie from Michigan DNR (who has been a tremendous asset and partner).
As a team, we collectively and collaboratively got a lot done in a short amount of time.  Enjoy the pictures and videos from the October 18th walleye release at Otter Creek Park.
RLMC Board