To outline the duties of the Security Employee position to ensure the completion of the security needs of the Corporation.

The duties of the Security Employees are defined as but not limited to:

All Rainbow Lakes Areas:

  • All areas are (but not limited to): Main beach and Boat Launch, Dam & Spillways, Little Rainbow Lake and Dam, Otter Creek Park, Sand Point Park, Karlie’s Beach, Shore Lane Beach, Trail Park, Campers Park, Pickle Ball Court and Basketball Court, Gold Dust Point Park, Picnic Park, Canal Park
  • Check membership cards of all persons attempting to launch boats or use any areas of Rainbow Lakes.
  • Membership cards must be for the current year
  • All membership cards must be checked against a second form of I.D. (Driver’s License, etc.)
  • Discretion (common sense) for repetitive use by a member after the initial reviews have been completed
  • Maintain daily logs of activities
  • Restrict 16 yr. old or younger sign-ins for personal watercraft – make sure 16- and 17-year-olds have Boaters Safety Certificate to sign in Watercraft
  • Ensure there is no swimming around the vicinity of the main docks
  • Ensure swimming only within the roped areas by buoys
  • Ensure no jumping or diving of any RLMC docks
  • Down time – clean up any trash / debris, light weeding around guard shack

Main Beach Area:

  • Check membership cards for persons exiting vehicles for the purpose of using the beach area
  • Membership cards must be for the current year
  • Maintain a log of beach activity
  • No alcohol is permitted on the beach property
  • No glass containers are permitted on beach property
  • No dogs are permitted on beach property

Main Dam / Spillway

  • Membership cards must be checked for persons fishing at the main Dam (including both sides of the spillway); visitors must be accompanied by the card holder
  • Membership cards must be for the current year
  • Maintain a log of Dam / Spillway activities
  • Ask those not holding cards or unaccompanied by a card holder to leave.  If persons are uncompliant call the Gratiot County Sheriff’s Office for an officer’s assistance.
  • Insure no person is on the Dam Wingwalls (County ordinance and violations can be ticketed).  Contact the Sheriff’s office if necessary.

Campers Park:

  • Ensure that campers have registered at the RLMC Office prior to entrance at Campers Park.
  • Security Officers will not need to recheck person as this will be done by office personnel

Little Rainbow Lake:

  • People fishing must have their membership cards checked.  All person’s fishing must be a card holder or accompanied by a card holder.
  • Anyone not complying with the rules must be asked to leave.  Contact the Sherriff’s Department with any issues.
  • A log will be kept for Little Rainbow activities.

RLMC Parks and Beaches:

  • All persons fishing or swimming at any RLMC park or beach must have a current membership card or be accompanied by a card-carrying property owner.
  • All others must be asked to leave.  Contact the Sherriff’s Department with any issues.

Priority Responsibilities:

  • Boat launch and main beach is top priority during busy times.
  • Each shift is required to make 1 trip around the properties to check other areas. This includes Little Rainbow.
  • No more than 2 trips around the lake for those scheduled to the guard shack for the day.
  • Those scheduled for beach and park monitoring on holidays and special occasions will make no more than 5 trips around the lake
  • Abuse of mileage will not be tolerated. Guard shack patrol will not be paid for mileage over 2 trips around the lake.  Beach / Park patrol will not be paid mileage over 5 trips around the lake.
  • If weather conditions are rainy or cold and there is no expectation of change in a quick fashion, call off your shift due to weather and notify the Office Manager.

**No employees are permitted to work over 40 hours / week.

**All shift changes and rain days are to be reported to the office manager