One of the many amenities here at Rainbow Lake is Pickleball.  Never heard of it…..just google it, and you’ll quickly see that it is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA.  It’s fun, good exercise, and people of all ages and skill levels can play.

TEAMREACH is the app we are using to announce play times, and schedule play.  We can also see how many others are signed up so we know we have enough players at the courts.  So download the app and follow a few simple steps.

                Download TEAMREACH

                GroupCode is our zip 48871

                Select JOIN RAINBOW LAKE

                Hit the calendar to see scheduled play times

                Select “view” to see the other members signed up to play

We are hoping to get all 42 members transitioned over from GROUPME (our former app), to the new app TEAMREACH.  The courts are always open, and play is always available, but by using this app, we can know that other players will be there to join you!

Any and all are welcome to play.  Debbie Crumbaugh is happy to give free lessons and tips to any players looking to learn the game, or work on skills to improve their skills and techniques.  Debbie has paddles you can use, and the balls are at the courts so no equipment is necessary.  Call her at 9896824773 or email to

Download the TEAMREACH app, and we hope to see you soon at the pickleball courts at Rainbow Lake.  It makes exercising fun!!!!